Flue Gas Treatment Plant

Our plant has been designed capable of pollutants in the waste gas treatment. system, distilled, ready to react until neutral water, is sprayed onto the nozzles via the waste gas in tower result, into the atmosphere below the discharge limit of the gas, while the gas with water contact caused by acid is transferred into the pool about the tower, ventilated wherein slaked lime by reaction of ensuring the formation of gypsum removed from the system, the speed using the pH adjusted again in clean water systems can be summarized as ensuring permanent.

The process is fluid bed water tube boiler, installation for the purification of flue gas wet, unfilled type purification tower, circulation pump, the end washer pump, blower, reaction, settling, pre- and post-sedimentation tanks consist of lime sülo the stage and equipment. According to the results of the analyzes performed periodically, flue gas pollution parameters, which go under Turkish Environmental Legislation limits.


Biological Treatment Plant

Refining our system, that the conversion to the new micro-organisms break down organic matter in aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in waste water, sewage treatment, and can be summarized thus revealing again as energy and biogas generation. Our process; flotation, pals sieve conditioning pool, IC reactor, aeration tanks, blowers, sludge thickening unit consists of decanter stage and equipment.

Our plant is working 24 hours in 100% yield, according to the results of the samples taken periodically, pollution parameters, which go under the discharge limits.

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