SARGÜNOĞLU, one of the first private companies in the paper industry PAPER, Orhan SARAL in 1976, Halit Ziya TÜRKOĞLU and Ringed by Bahattin GÜNEŞ - was set on 6 acres of land in Istanbul.

Capacity of 4,500 tons / year of paperboard machine starts working projects, previously one of the paper's founder ORMUBAN Orhan SARAL was carried out by . Gray came into operation with the manufacture of cardboard in one year BM1, revisions and renovations with capacity of 26,000 tons / year has increased. In three different categories (size, paste, coil) products offered machine is one of Turkey's leading machine is still on.

The legal status of the company in the year 1985 transformed into joint stock company; The name RING PAPER INDUSTRY CARDBOARD. VE TIC. Inc. As it has been changed. Chairman of the board, until his death in 2003, the late Orhan Saral conducted. Imitation Kraft products with fluting and began manufacturing in 1995 km2 of 15,000 tons when it goes into operation / year which made the modernization and expansion of capacity of the investment result, today 90,000 tons / year has increased. Ongoing investments in production capacity as a result of the coordination of the leading machine manufacturer Vaahto Finland 90,000 tons / year rise has begun to produce test liner. Thus, the total production capacity on both machines 116 000 tonnes / year was reached.

Our New Office Building
Our company has 14,000 m2 including a covered, it serves on an area of 50,000 m2. Engages in April 2002 5.3 MW / h capacity Auto Producer plant, the company also meets a portion of their electricity needs and steam needs. Our company has ever fully grow with equity, paid-in capital of 34 upgraded million TL and still 216 people, our company uses 100% recycled paper in employment etmektedir.imalat modern world standards, it is an organization example of the biological treatment plants and landscaping.

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